Thursday, July 27, 2017

Taking Time Out for Self Discovery

That's the subtitle of the book 40 Days and 40 Nights by Ilene Segalove, which I found for a dollar in my library's used book area.

As you have probably noticed from my blogging history, consistency is not my strong suit (in college I took a Myers-Briggs test and my INTP type meant I have highs and lows in productivity, so I get the same amount done as those who do equal amounts daily, I just do it in chunks.)  But I'm going to try to work through this book over the next couple months and to write about it here.

Over the next 40 days and nights, what do I want?  What scares me?  What's my plan?

I want to focus on my health.  Eating in a clean way, maybe even keto.  I've been doing a lot of research on eating for PCOS and keto seems like a great way to go.  I want to do a fall 5K.  I want to do yoga at least once a week (I went last week, but spent this past Monday night in Urgent Care with a bad ear infection.)

What scares me?  Being in the exact same place I am now in 40 days.  Or being worse. Not exercising enough.  Eating away sadness and stress.  Spending too much time on the couch with a book or Netflix.

What's my plan?  Begin Couch to 5K Sunday.  Go to my weekly neighborhood association yoga class.  Continue to lower my processed food and carb ingestion.

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  1. Found your site from Suzannah Conway's August Break link up. Self-discovery is such an amazing project! It seems we have a lot in common. My eldest daughter's name is Amanda, she has PCOS, my first job was as a page (do they even call them that anymore?) in our local library! I will be watching for your stories and photos!
    Janet's Smiles